about the school

The Rostan Art School offers instruction in painting and drawing within the context of an after-school art enrichment program. Students meet in mixed ability groups, once a week, for 1 ½ hours. Each afternoon class is comprised of students between the ages of 6 and 11. Middle-school and high school students meet during evening sessions and adults can choose between morning and evening classes. The classes are mixed with regard to cognitive ability, artistic ability, and experience.

The Rostan Art School offers expert instruction to students of all ages and abilities. Susan M. Rostan, MFA, Ed. D., is a visual artist holding an MFA from Long Island University and a doctorate in Education of the Gifted from Columbia University. With over 3 decades of teaching experience and published research in children's artistic development, Dr. Rostan provides a challenging but appropriate enrichment environment for children at promise in the visual arts. Her unique expertise – witnessing, exploring, documenting, and explicating the real-world concerns and needs of children engaged in artistic development – offers an educated and experienced voice to parents who want to learn how to facilitate the development of their child's artistic talents.